Barbara Cohen participated in a CHIN radio production on collaborative family law.

Useful links

oclf ottawaCollaborative Family Law Ottawa
Collaborative Family Law Ontario
canadaChild Support Guidelines
canadaSpousal Support Advisory Guidelines

Attorney General
The Ministry of the Attorney General website—a good starting point to find information regarding legal issues, including family law issues.

Ontario Court Forms
Forms used in family law litigation, as well as other areas of law.



Family Mediation
The Ontario Association for Family Mediation.  An organization dedicated to the promotion of family mediation practice in Ontario, and to the support of professionals who offer family mediation services.  If you are seeking a family mediator in your area, this could be a good starting point.



Family Mediation - Ottawa Chapter
The Ontario Association for Family Mediation-Ottawa Chapter is the regional affiliate of the official provincial organization and Family Mediation Canada. A local organization which takes up the professional mission to foster a community where family mediation is the first choice in resolving family conflict.



Ontario Law
A very useful site, accessing all Ontario laws and regulations.



Department of Justice - Canada
A very useful site, accessing all Canadian/federal laws and regulations.



Child Support Guidelines - Calculator
This on-line look-up will help you determine what amount of child support you should be paying, regardless of province of residence.





Legal Aid Ontario
Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is an independent agency funded largely by the province of Ontario, responsible for the delivery of legal services to low-income individuals through Ontario.



A non-profit organization managed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, with the goal of making Canadian law accessible for free on the Internet. A very useful resource for the layperson, who does not necessarily have the same access to case law as do lawyers.



The Children's Aid Society - Ottawa
The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CAS) is non-profit community organization funded by the Government of Ontario, legally mandated to protect children and youth from abuse and neglect. The CAS is one of over 45 agencies across the province regulated by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and governed by the Ontario Child and Family Services Act (CFSA).




Family Responsibility Office (FRO)
FRO enforces child and domestic support orders and collects support payments for families. This government department helps nearly 400,000 people every year.

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