kevin the office mascotKevin has been with Cohen & Lyngseth since its inception.

Kevin has an interesting history. Years ago, he was a stray, frightened puppy, unloved and uncared for, aimlessly wandering the streets of a small town in the Dominican Republic.

Blake Lyngseth, of Cohen Lyngseth, agreed to give Kevin a ‘temporary’ home until more suitable accommodation could be found. That was four years ago. Kevin has now become a permanent ‘fixture’ at the Cohen Lyngseth law office. He feels it is his responsibility to greet and comfort clients attending appointments. He is a very friendly but quiet fellow, who is particularly gentle with young children. Kevin appears to have an intuitive sense when somebody is in distress and in his own demure fashion attempts to alleviate any discomfiture. (In passing, Kevin knows to make himself scarce if an individual is uncomfortable with dogs.) In short, Kevin earns his keep: he makes Cohen & Lyngseth a more pleasant work environment, both for employees and for clients.

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